Pre shaped chainmail stab protection patterns for ballistic vest

Friedrich Münch Gmbh + Co KG is certified in accordance to ISO 9001 and the leading manufacturer for pre shaped chainmail stab protection patterns for ballistic vest. Domestic and international vest manufacturer are longstanding partners of Friedrich Münch. They trust in the companies high quality standard and -management and process the in Mühlacker manufactured chainmail patters for different performance level vest.

The requirement in this sensible product range are a consistent high quality and traceability in all production processes. A wide range of mesh dimensions meets all relevant performances. More than 20 years experience in the body armor industry enables Friedrich Münch the production of every pre shaped chainmail patterns in accordance to DXF or drawing. Further the guidance in the ongoing processing of the patterns at the vest manufacturer.

Stab protection patterns by Friedrich Münch comply with the performance levels of relevant standards as:

  • Technische Richtlinie (TR) Ballistics Schutzwesten
  • HOSDB Body Armour Standard for UK Police
  • NIJ Standard-0115.00 Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor

Exact fit and highest quality ensure safety



High protection against high risk for specialized forces

Complete safety suits made from chainmail as pants, shirts, bonnet, collar and gloves with grip dots. This suits are worn by special forces and can be ordered tailor made as well.

Chainmail safety suits can avoid serious or lethal injuries cause by cuts, slashes and stabs. The main focus is to protect vital organs and vessels in the abdominal area, genitalia, neck and under armpits.