working safely in industrial applications

The brand name NIRO-S represents high-quality protective gloves and safe working in industrial applications. The performance portfolio of NIRO-S gloves offers an impressive variety of hand protection solutions that have been specifically developed to meet the highest safety standards while providing the best wearing comfort. From very light, extremely sensitive models for highly precise tasks to robust, resistant cut-resistant gloves: With NIRO-S, you receive a broad range of gloves that adapt to every task and need.

Our gloves are designed to drastically minimize the risk of injury without compromising on freedom of movement or comfort. NIRO-S protective gloves are perfect for a wide range of industries and applications – be it in the metal industry, automotive industry, construction, electrical industry, gardening and landscaping, glass industry, warehousing and logistics, mechanical and plant engineering, recycling, paper industry, and many others. Users can efficiently, safely, and joyfully carry out their tasks with NIRO-S gloves.

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Always the right glove.

Injuries resulting from cuts or tears on hands and arms are among the most common types of workplace accidents. Therefore, with the glove system “NIRO-S,” we focus primarily on effective cut protection.

NIRO-S cut-resistant gloves serve one purpose only: to ensure safety and protection against injuries. Only high-quality products, therefore, make their way into the niro S product range.