About us

Innovation based on tradition

Our history begins in 1920. In his German hometown of Mühlacker, Friedrich Münch founded a company which specialized in the production of unwelded chainmail and scale mesh for purses, handbags and accessories. From the outset the innovative will of the company’s founder determined the company’s fate.
The mid-20th century was a period of development and progress for the company, charting the course to what the company is today. In 1968 the company presented the first safety glove made from welded ring mesh. Today, under the care and watch of the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Münch family, Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG is active with business all over the world. The brand niroflex is synonymous with highly innovative products and solutions and unsurpassed quality.


Naturally sustainable

As a family-run company spanning generations, we gladly accept our responsibility for the future. Sustainable development, environmental protection, safety and quality are our most important corporate goals.

The responsible use of natural resources is the basis for our company’s success. We are committed to producing in an environmentally neutral and resource-conserving manner in the long term. Renewable energies are just as much a part of this concept as the treatment of our process media in closed cycles – so that we extract clean water, but also return clean water to nature. This is our commitment to the world today. But also a commitment to our common future.

About us